Supportive Management

  • Avoid physical activities that can make condition worse or increase level of pain. Avoid contact sports (e.g. basketball, soccer, boxing, martial arts) until symptoms improve.
  • Apply cold pack on affected area to reduce inflammation (pain, swelling). Apply ice pack no longer than 15 minutes at a time, 3-8 times a day for the first two days. A cold pack can be made at home by wrapping an ice pack or several ice cubes in a towel.
  • Apply heat pack when the soreness subsides (usually, after the first two days). A home-made heat pack can be made by filling up a tightly-closed glass bottle with hot water and wrapping it in a towel (make sure that the bottle does not touch the skin directly).


  • Carry and lift heavy loads properly and safely.
    • Ensure that the object being lifted is as close as possible to the body.
    • Ensure that the feet, knees, and torso are all pointing towards the object to be lifted.
    • Keep the back upright and tighten the stomach muscles as preparation for the lifting.
    • When lifting, always bend the knees. Avoid bending at the waist.
    • Straighten the legs to assume a standing position when lifting the object. Avoid twisting or turning the body while lifting. Instead, use the feet first for turning, and let the body follow.
    • When setting down the object, ensure that the feet are pointed toward the object. In addition, keep the back straight while bending at the knees as the object is set down.
  • When performing high-impact exercises (e.g. weightlifting exercises such as bench presses), always maintain the proper form as recommended by a trainer.

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Herbal Medicine

  • Luya
    • Roast or heat a slice of luya and apply externally on painful area.
  • Bawang, Luya, and Siling Labuyo Oil
    • Heat in coconut oil equal parts of chopped bawang, luya, and crushed siling labuyo. The proportion for coconut oil and the combined dried ingredients (bawang, luya, and siling labuyo) is 1:1. For 10-15 minutes, heat the mixture together, and then strain. Apply the oil externally on painful area.
  • Guyabano Leaves
    • Pound the leaves and apply the extract on painful area.
  • Tanglad Roots with Coconut Oil Liniment
    • Crush the tanglad roots in coconut oil. Apply externally on painful area.